Oleh Husiev
Date of Birth: 25 April 1983
Age: 36
Place of birth: Stepanіvka (Sumy region)
Citizenship: Ukraine
Height: 179
Weight: 78
Previous clubs: Frunzenets-99 (Sumy), Borysfen (Boryspil), Arsenal (Kyiv)
Joined Dynamo: 10 January 2013

People with strong character do not change their mood depending upon their wellbeing or misfortune.

This seems to be a simple truth but the person spoken about must prove it all the time.

On the rainy evening of December 14 2011 in the final match of Europe League group stage between FC Dynamo Kyiv and Maccabi Tel Aviv FC nerve excitation of all participants of this event and their fans, who came to say god bye to beloved Dynamo stadium, was on an incredibly high level. There was hope to crush the outsider of the group after scoring two quick goals. There also was a good piece of news from Istanbul about our main competitors loosing their match. But the hope for success started disappearing quickly after the Swedish referee Daniel Stallhamar signaled about the beginning of the second half. The absurd mistake of home side defense resulted in double punishment for Dynamo: red card for Brazilian defender Leandro Almeida and goal for visitors. The mach that started so positively started turning into a tragedy when referee sent another player in a white-blue shirt called Yevhen Khacheridi off as he couldn’t cope with his emotions. After two goals for Israeli side the disgraceful defeat of Dynamo seemed inevitable, but it’s well known that courage is stronger than misfortune. In the most difficult moment when the battle and honor seemed to be lost the captain turned his team on. He was the one who rose above circumstances not being afraid of falling down. The result of the match was not important any more. Victory of different kind was necessary – victory of each player against himself. And the goal which became the symbol of this victory was scored ten minutes before the final whistle. It was scored by a real fighter Oleh Husiev who was Dynamo skipper that night. It had been almost nine years since he joined our football club at that moment.

Out of frying pan into fire       

The end of the last century and the beginning of this one became significant for football in Sumy. The first step in fruitful activity of local authorities was the rebirth of the professional football team in the city. So after almost twenty-year break FC Frunzynets-League 99 were proclaimed professionals again. They looked for young players among those who were competing for the regional title. One of those young men was 17-year-old Oleh Husiev who overcame all problems with his cardiovascular system which could have made him stop playing football. There was no more need for the boy’s parents to worry because of cardiac murmurs of their son and his unstable blood pressure. Husiev played his first match for Valeriy Bermudes’ team on the August 12 2000. They lost the game in Romny against the local Electron 4:1, but youngsters who were thrown out of the frying pan into the fire stopped being whipping boys soon. As a result they won the honorable 7th place in 2000/01 season. Oleh who was the finisher became the best striker of the team with six goals to his name. 
The following season was even more successful. The team leaded by Yuriy Dubko won the 5th place in group B of the Ukrainian Second League. The number of goals scored by Oleh was 11 that year. It was difficult to overestimate his role in the team. That season the young striker missed only 2 games. His team lost both of them: 0:1 against Metalist-2 and 2:3 against Stal Alchevsk second squad.

First success in the capital

The success of the young forward was noticed and soon after being approved by FC Arsenal Kyiv representative Oleh moved to the capital of Ukraine. For some reason he played once for FC Borysfen Boryspil on July 20 in the Ukrainian First League match against Karpaty-2. In a week this 19-year-old young man played for the Gunners within the Ukrainian Premier League against FC Vorskla Poltava. That first game was a success for Husiev! He took the field 6 minutes before the time. Due to Oleh’s assist ex- Dynamo Kyiv player Serhiy Konovalov scored the decider (2:1). 
That season the head coach of the team Viacheslav Hroznyi moved Oleh to the position of the right winger. Husiev also succeeded in Ukraine U-21 headed by Pavlo Yakovenko, like in the qualifier against Spain, for example (0:0). That game took place only 3 years after the beginning of his professional career. On the field he played against the young star of European football Xabi Alonso and didn’t look worse than the Spanish midfielder.

“No” to Spartak, “Yes” to Dynamo!

It seems that Oleg Husiev’s joining the most titled football club of Ukraine was a fate. In the very beginning of his career he was spotted by FC Shinnik Iaroslavl scouts, but for some reasons he did not become the player of this Russian team after preliminary trial. Also Husiev could FC Spartak Moscow. Viacheslav Hroznyi who worked with that club at that time was ready to take him to the capital of Russia, but later Hroznyi was asked by former Kyiv mayor Olexandr Omelchenko to take charge of FC Arsenal Kyiv and he took Husiev with him.

To Kyiv with love!
Only after transfer to FC Dynamo Kyiv Oleh managed to demonstrate his real potential. At first he had hard times in the team headed by Olexiy Mykhailychenko. He was a reservist. Still due to his talent and hard work he overcame all the difficulties. Besides after the serious injury of Yuriy Dmytrulin Oleh got a chance to become the right winger of the team. All the criticism towards the new player disappeared after the match against FC Arsenal Kyiv on July 22 2002 (3:0). Opposing his former teammates Oleh performed an assist and scored the 3rd goal of the game. In five years he had many team and individual awards. They were: three UPL titles, three national cups, the award to the best player of Ukraine in 2005 and the “Golden ball of Ukraine” in 2007. Trouble came out of the blue. On April 12 2008 Oleh injured crucial ligaments and two meniscuses. It took him much time to recover…

Every match like last battle

Still for such performers as Husiev difficulties are something they overcome. Crucial point happened in a year and a half, on September 17 2009, in the Champions League group stage match against FC Rubin Kazan (3:1). 65 minutes into the match Oleh substituted Andriy Yarmolenko and helped Dynamo win. He scored the third goal of the game for his team.

Since then Husiev has been playing very effectively. He still gladdens Dynamo fans with his impressive skills.

On September 20 2015 he converted from the spot as FC Dynamo Kyiv opposed FC Volyn Lutsk within the UPL matchday 8 and thus scored his 100th goal in official fixtures (85 – Dynamo, 13 – Ukraine national team, 2 – Arsenal).

Dynamo leader keeps impressing Dynamo supporters with his fighting spirit as every match is like a life for him!

Stats in Dynamo Kyiv *

* - Base statistics at time of filling
— Games Played
— Goals for

Club honours

FC Dynamo Kyiv

Ukraine League winner 2004, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2016

Ukraine Cup winner 2005, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015

Ukraine Super Cup winner 2004, 2009, 2011

Ukraine Premier League runner-up 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012

Ukraine Premier League bronze medal winner 2013

Ukraine Cup finalist 2011


National team 98 games, 13 goals

World Cup 2006 player

Euro-2012 player

Individual honours

The best player of Ukraine League (named by Komanda sports daily) 2005

The winner of Ukraine Golden Ball 2007

The best player of Ukraine League (named by Sport-Express Ukraine) 2011

The best player of Ukraine (named by UA-football web portal) 2011

Set up the club record by being voted four times in a row in the first half of the 2013/14 season as the Best player of the months in the club

Voted by the supporters of the the club as the Best Dynamo Kyiv player of 2013


Oleh HUSIEV: “I’d like to thank true supporters for everything”

Oleh HUSIEV: “I’d like to thank true supporters for everything”

Oleh Husiev has shared his impressions of his last, 443rd, game for FC Dynamo Kyiv.

Oleh HUSIEV: “We settled everything with president within a minute”

Oleh HUSIEV: “We settled everything with president within a minute”

FC Dynamo Kyiv veteran Oleh Husiev has shared his impressions of return to our club with 2+2 channel Profootball show.

Oleh HUSIEV: “I was proud and happy to perform for the most titled club in Ukraine”

Oleh HUSIEV: “I was proud and happy to perform for the most titled club in Ukraine”

Halfback Oleh Husiev, who played for FC Dynamo Kyiv for more than 13 years, has become free agent.

VIDEO: Oleh HUSIEV. Thank you for your play, wins and emotions!

VIDEO: Oleh HUSIEV. Thank you for your play, wins and emotions!

Sumy football trainee Oleh Husiev has dedicated 13 years of his career to FC Dynamo Kyiv.

Archive: 100th goal in career of Oleh Husiev

Archive: 100th goal in career of Oleh Husiev

This outstanding event for FC Dynamo Kyiv great player happened on September 20 2015 in away game against FC Volyn Lutsk (2:0 for Dynamo).

Denys HARMASH and Oleh HYSIEV in UPL matchday 5 all-star teams

Denys HARMASH and Oleh HYSIEV in UPL matchday 5 all-star teams

After victory against FC Volyn Lutsk (2:1) in the UPL matchday 5 game two FC Dynamo Kyiv performers were included into all-star teams by football media.

  • He graduated from Sumy pedagogical university (football coach);
  • At school Oleh played basketball;
  • Once he won a regional competition in mathematics;
  • Being younger he sang and played guitar but after the hand fracture he gave up doing that;
  • He doesn’t like plains after unpleasant flight from Kyiv to Faroe Islands in 2007;
  • He often has football dreams after matches;
  • He likes to read books by Borys Akunin and Arsen Revazov;
  • Oleh never watches his matches on TV;
  • He likes to play billiards, bowling and tennis;
  • He likes grapefruit juice;
  • His favorite dish is hash;
  • He doesn’t like parties and prefers to spend time with friends;
  • Oleh owes Order for Courage of the third Class.