Dynamo Academy

Football Concept


The main aim of Dynamo Kyiv Football Academy iis development of highly qualified players.

Annually our graduates play for Dynamo Kyiv and Ukrainian national teams of different ages.

They represent Dynamo football Academy in various football tournaments world wide.

The main principles of work of Dynamo Kyiv Football Academy named after Valeriy Lobanovsky are:

* The pupils are trained and learned free of charge.

* The Academy practices an Individual approach to every footballer.

* Former Dynamo Kyiv players are bulk of the coaching staff.

* Academy cooperates with different educational and footbal centres.

* Professional coaching staff use scientific approaches for training and education of footballers.

* The Academy staff including coaches, administrators and medics are developed their professional skills and knowledge with a help of seminars, probation and licensing. 

Coaches of Kyiv Dynamo Football Academy help kids to develop both their individual skills and teamwork approach.

Dynamo Kyiv Football Academy teams learned how to play under different tactical schemes.

During the process of learning the players have to adopt the psychology of winners.