Dynamo Academy


After the II World War Dynamo Kyiv club helped to organixe youth sports schools. At first there were just several preparatory groups. The coaches were Mykola Fomynykh and Mykola Melnychenko.

In 1957 groups were organized into the Sports School.

In 1967 the Sports School under Kyiv City administration was created.

In 1974 the Sports School got the rank of Special Sports Academy of Olympic Reserves.

In 2003 Received a bran name of  “Dynamo” Kyiv Football Academy named after Valeryi Lobanovskyi.

During different periods such great coaches worked at the football academy:

Olexandr Leonidov, Euhen Kotelnykov, Leonyd Ostrivskyi, Ivan Terletskyi, Anatolyi Byshovets, Vyacheslav Semenov, Volodymyr Onyshchenko, Vadym Sosnikhin, Euhen Rudakov, Vitalyi Khmelnytskyi, Andryi Biba, Volodymyr Myntyan, Olexandr Shpakov, Victor Kashchey, Fedir Medvid’, Vitalyi Holubev, Olexandr Sopin, Olexandr Lysenko, Anatolyi Kroshchenko, and many other. Some on them work till now – V. Khmelnytskyi, O. Shpakov, V. Kashchey, and V. Nazarov.

Heads of academy were: Mykola Kyznetsov, Anatolyi Byshovets, Mykhailo Koman, Victor Kanevskyi, Oleh Bazylevych, Ivan Terletskyi, Valeryi Kurochkin, and Anatolyi Shepel’.

The most outstanding “Dynamo” Kyiv football academy graduates are Ballon d'Or winners: in 1975 – Oleh Blokhyn and in 2004 – Andryi Shevchenko.

Nowadays about 500 kids aged from 7 to 17 years are trained at “Dynamo” academy. Training and all necessary equipment is free. Children are trained by 26 experienced coaches.

1n 1999 “Dynamo” Kyiv football academy was created which has all necessary conditions for footballers aged from 14 to 17 years. At the moment there are 3 groups which consist of 70 youngsters from different cities of Ukraine and from foreign countries. The club provides them with everything they need for free.

“Dynamo” football academy teams take part in different tournaments: U-14 – U-16 in Ukrainian National Youth Competition, U-10 – U-15 in Kyiv championship and

Kyiv Cup. Teams of different ages also participate at different international tournaments abroad. In summer children have rest in sports camp in Koncha-Zaspa. It is a marvelous place outside Kyiv.

The training process takes place at three different facilities: “Nyvky”, “Koncha-Zaspa” and “Vidradnyi”.

In 202-2003 “Nyvky” training complex was reconstructed. Nowadays it is a modern training facility. There are natural and synthetic pitches with artificial light, modern residence for footballers with rooms for 2 or 3 people, spacious locker rooms, physiotherapy room, gym, room for theoretical studies with modern equipment, sauna with a swimming pool etc.