Team of Legends


The Legends team comprises former FC Dynamo Kyiv pro players.

The goals of existence for the Legends team are develop and popularize football in Ukraine, also motivate children and youth people to play football, be involved in healthy lifestyles and active life position, provide the continuity of generations.

The Legends squad including: Merited Masters of Sports Volodymyr Troschkin, Volodymyr Bessonov, Gennadiy Litovchenko, Anatoliy Demyanenko, Leonid Buryak, Volodymyr Veremeev, Olexiy Mikhailichenko, Vasyl Rats, Ivan Yaremchuk, Igor Belanov and the many others famous players. The Legends Team coaches are Andriy Biba and Volodymyr Muntyan.

«It's nice to get together with friends and remember our young days. It’s very important for our veterans. Every single match we leave all our power on football ground, make fans happy and give unforgettable emotions for them. We’re trying to be an example for younger generation. And, of course, we play only to win, because it’s a philosophy of  Dynamo Kyiv» - the Head of the community-based organization The Veterans of FC Dynamo Kyiv Volodymyr Muntyan said.

Make a beautiful gift to your city and play with the Legendary Team of the football club Dynamo Kyiv.


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