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Volodymyr SHEPELEV: “We must forget the defeat against Chelsea and look forward”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Volodymyr Shepelev has told about the Europa League, his chances in the national team and goals for the final part of the season.

- How did you take the defeat against Chelsea FC?

- It will be hard to forget this game, but that’s significant experience. We’ve seen the level we must aim for. We try to get better and to be ready for such opponent in the next campaign.

- Do you think Dynamo did their best opposing London side?

- You can always do better and this situation is not an exception. We failed to do something worthy on the field, but we believe it’s a good lesson.

- Is the difference between Chelsea and Olympiacos so great?

- It is. Chelsea players think and move much faster. Besides, they’re very experienced.

- Do you think you would have done better if Verbic and Sol took the field, if Kadar and Kedziora didn’t get sick?

­- I guess we would have done better, but I don’t think I should say we lost by such a great margin only because these players were absent. We must forget the defeat against Chelsea and look forward. We can’t constantly focus on bad stuff.

- They say you personally have got better this season. Do you agree you’re doing better after the training camp? If you do, what’s the reason?

- If someone says I’ve got better, that’s good, but football is about teamwork. What really matters is results we all demonstrate. As for me, I always try to do my best.

- You’ve been called up to Ukraine national team again. How important is it to you?

- I was called up, but I wasn’t on players’ list for games against Portugal and Luxembourg. Still the time I spent at the national team camp was very beneficial for me. If I get some game practice despite great number of worthy midfielders, I’ll be very glad.

- Has the transfer of Sol influenced Dynamo attacking tactics? Now he’s injured. Is it a problem?

- It’s always a problem when players get injured, especially such important ones. Anyway, we have Rusyn. Besides, we’re waiting for the return of Besedin.

Maxym Haiovyi

Material for Dynamo magazine #01 (102), January-March 2019