Vitaliy MUKHA: “Next year there will be something incredible in eFootball” has had a chat with Vitaliy “labotryas” Mukha – FC Dynamo Kyiv eFootball player.

Well-known FIFA performer has told about peculiarities of what he’s doing and about the way Ukrainian top club signed him.

How did this all start?

I’ve always been fond of football. I played for youth team when a kid. We performed in Kyiv league. After I entered the university “big football” took backseat. Back then FIFA was just a hobby of mine. Anyway late in 2014 I was invited to my first tournament. I lost in the final 2-1 and finished second. In 2015 I came to my first LAN tournament ESWC Ukraine, but lost the final again.

What do your training sessions look like?

Before FC Dynamo Kyiv signed me I featured at tournaments with the participation of top players and had sparrings with other professional performers.

On plans for future

I try to do my best and be among leaders at every tournament. I can’t shame myself representing such famous club as Dynamo. It’s a great responsibility and pressure, but I hope that will make me stronger. I’ll have special training program and I hope it will be beneficial. As for plans for future, I can just say I have some offers, but the situation will be clarified only after holidays. Anyway next year there will be something incredible in eFootball.

On contract with Dynamo

Dynamo initiated that. They addressed to me after ESWC Ukraine, shared their plans and vision of our cooperation. I liked what I heard.

Peculiarities of training sessions with Dynamo

Sparring partners for me will be picked. I have my personal contacts, besides Dynamo will help me.

On future in eFootball

As far as I know, there’s already some kind of eFootball league in France. A lot of football clubs sign gamers from England, Spain, and Germany. Some say there will be even FIFA eFootball World Cup in 2018.   

Why did you pick such nickname as “labotryas”?

There’s no special story about it. I just created PlayStation account in 2006 and used this name.

On Dota 2 Major Championship: The Kyiv Major

That’s great there will be contest of such level in Kyiv. That will let people have a closer look at eSports.

A couple of words to fans

I’m thankful to everyone, who supports me. I’ll try to gladden fans with victories.