• 01 june
  • 19:13
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Vitaliy Mykolenko: “It’s nice that fans arranged a pyro-show for us”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Vitaliy Mykolenko has shared his impressions of the game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk (1:3):

- This was the first match after the long quarantine break. How do you feel physically and mentally?

- As for fitness, everything was fine in the first half, but starting with about 70th minute we were having cramps. But that’s natural, considering how long the break was. As for mental side of the coin, it was great to feel the game rhythm at last. Unfortunately we played behind closed doors. But it’s nice that fans arranged a pyro-show for us in front of the stadium.

- Maybe it would have been easier to restart the season with the game against another team?

- To me it didn’t matter. Besides there are no teams you can defeat easily.

- Referee checked the VAR a couple of times. Do you think her decisions were fair?

- When Sydorchuk scored, Popov barely touched Stepanenko, besides he didn’t do that deliberately. I think that wasn’t a foul.

- Have you noticed any changes in Shakhtar play?

- They’ve been having the same style since I started featuring for Dynamo first team. Nothing has really changed after the quarantine.

- You conceded right after you opened the score. How important was that?

- Of course we were a bit upset. We were doing a better job before the equalizer. Still I can’t say that goal was a smashing blow.

- The second half was worse for Dynamo. Did you get tired?

- Shakhtar first substitution was very effective – Marcos Antonio replaced Kovalenko. After that they were doing better in terms of possession and we started making mistakes.