• 16 jan
  • 12:20

Vadym Yevtushenko: “The major vector of work is body-conditioning”

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Vadym Yevtushenko has told about the start of training camp in Turkey.

- This is the first full-fledged training day. What are your first impressions?

- The start of the training camp is pretty good. The weather is nice, the turf is of fine quality. Players enjoy working although they need to get used to new exercises. So far we’re satisfied with what we see. At the moment we don’t aim to get a certain football picture. The major vector of work is body-conditioning.

- There are some exercises, when you use 2-3 balls at the same time. What’s that about?

- Let’s not go into detail. I’ll just call it “ordinate chaos”, as Valeriy Lobanovskyi used to say.

- You also did testing today and found out that Verbic is a sprinter.

­- These tests are the first stage of the training process. Current results don’t mean a lot. So far it’s just a method to check players’ physical conditions.