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Serhiy SYDORCHUK: “Captain is like a class monitor”

Serhiy Sydorchuk missed the major part of the last season due to serious injury. Now he’s getting ready for new season with the team in Austria.

Serhiy has told Dynamo media about his new contract, communication with supporters, status of team captain etc.

- Before leaving for Austria you signed new contract with FC Dynamo Kyiv. How was that?

- First of all I’d like to thank coaching staff and president of the club. My previous contract would have been valid for two more years, but we decided there’s no use waiting and about three months ago started discussing the new one. That motivated be as I was recovering. I’ll try to repay that with my attitude.

- The team finished the season not in a very good mood. Now that you’re working again, has the atmosphere changed?

- I don’t think we were in a bad mood after the end of the season. We were in its first part. After the winter break the team did pretty well. There were no claims in terms of our dedication.

- Do supporters text or call you?

- Their support is always important. Ultras are very special. I keep in touch with them. We communicate to work on common issues.

- Late in the last season you played at Dynamo Stadium. How important is it for you to perform at the NSC Olimpiyskyi?

- In terms of coziness and home atmosphere Dynamo Stadium is great. On the other hand, when we perform in European competitions a lot of people come to our games and Olimpiyskyi is better for that. As for the turf, it’s really good at both stadiums.

- There’re a lot of youngsters at the training camp. Do you feel you’re responsible for their adaptation as team captain?

- I don’t think they need help with adaptation. Young players are becoming the core of the team, so they don’t need any special support. Their major task is to show what their true worth is. What they need is support of the head coach.

- What are team captain’s duties?

- I deal with all internal team issues, for example gather money for birthday presents. It’s like being a class monitor (laughing).

- How did you bid farewell to Oleh Husiev? Was there any present for him?

- When Olexandr Khatskevych said Oleh was leaving, we wanted to do something nice for him. First of all I think it was great for him to leave after victory against FC Shakhtar Donetsk. As for the present, he can tell about it if he wants.

- You used to say it’s quite hard for you to get back to work after vacation. How about now?

- It’s still hard. That’s the peculiarity of my body. I can’t rest too long as I need more time to recondition. I hope I’ll be fine.

- Why do you have training camps in Austria?

- I don’t know, but I like to work in Austria. We’re about 1200 meters above the sea level and it’s much easier to breathe here than in Kyiv. Hotel service is great. Besides, we have a lot of teams we can play against here.

- Brazilian midfielder Tche Tche has joined Dynamo. What should the team do no help him not to feel like an alien?

- He’s a good guy and he’s looking for communication himself. He plays video games with our youngsters. We always have some jokes, teach him hew words. The only problem is language barrier, but he already understands football terminology.

- You read a lot of interesting books. Which one do you read now?

- It’s “Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini – novel about war in Afghanistan. Recently I read the biography of my favorite player Steven Gerrard. Sometimes I read detective stories or thrillers.

- Who’s responsible for humor in the team?

- Mykola Moroziuk has good sense of humor, Denys Harmash, Denys Boiko, Heorhiy Bushchan. Everyone’s quite fun.

- Whom do you miss?

- I don’t want to offend anyone, but I miss Yarmolenko and Khacheridi.

- Whom do you communicate the most with?

- With Moroziuk, Harmash, Boiko, Besedin, Burda, Bushchan… I can name everyone.

- Do you get tired of each other after two weeks of training camp?

- I don’t think so. For example, we’ve bought a volleyball to arrange a competition. That’s our idea.

- What kinds of sports do players like except for football?

- 80% are cybersportsmen. They play Warcraft, Counter-Strike. I also do sometimes.

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