• 16 may
  • 10:00

Dynamo sports profile. Denys Boiko

In our special rubric we tell what other kinds of sports FC Dynamo Kyiv performers like or do. For that sake, we’ve asked each player 5 questions.

1. What kinds of sports do you like (beside football)?

Mostly basketball, but when in USA I also go to NFL, NHP and MLB games.

2. What do you play when there’s a chance?

I play basketball, volleyball, and handball. I’ve also tried playing baseball a couple of time.

3. Which sportsmen or teams from other kinds of sports do you like?

I like LeBron James.

4. Did you do other kinds of sports when a kid?

I didn’t. I was totally focused on football.

5. Which sports events have impressed you the most?

In the USA any sports event is a great show first of all! The atmosphere is incredible! Many people come to basketball, hockey, baseball, and American football games not just to watch, but also to have fun with friends, take part in different competitions, relax, listen to awesome music.