• 11 may
  • 13:30

Dynamo sports profile. Olexandr Karavayev

In our special rubric we’ll tell what other kinds of sports FC Dynamo Kyiv performers like or do. For that sake, we’ve asked each player 5 questions.

1. What kinds of sports do you like (beside football)?
I like tennis. Besides I’ve been following boxing for 3-4 years already.

2. What do you play when there’s a chance?

I play tennis and board games with my family.

3. Which sportsmen or teams from other kinds of sports do you like?

In tennis I like Roger Federer. As for boxing, I support our sportsmen – Usyk, Lomachenko, Berinchik, Hvozdik.

4. Did you do other kinds of sports when a kid?

I played hocked as my father was a hockey player. I also did basketball, volleyball, tennis and ping-pong.

5. Which sports events have impressed you the most?

Those are mostly football matches.