• 07 sep
  • 19:57
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SIDCLEY: “I take all exercises positively”

FC Dynamo Kyiv Brazilian newcomer Sidcley has told about the training process during the break for international fixtures.

- Before the international break we had tight schedule, so we didn’t really have time for the training process. Now the situation has changed. We pay much attention to different schemes that will benefit us.

- Are there any exercises you don’t like?

- I take all exercises positively including those that are for fitness.

- You made a substitute appearance 25 minutes into the game against FC Karpaty Lviv. What do you think of your performance?

- It was my second game for Dynamo first team. I think I got the rhythm, but of course my impressions of the match were ruined by final score.

- You hit the post…

- I hope in future my shots will be more accurate.

- How did the team take the defeat?

- Everyone’s upset, but we’ll do our best to rehabilitate ourselves.

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