• 22 jan
  • 14:05

Serhiy Sydorchuk: “Adaptation to exercise load is getting easier”

FC Dynamo Kyiv captain Serhiy Sydorchuk has told about the training camp in Turkey.

- Yesterday you worked out at the gym. What was that session about?

- The aim was to get rid of lactic acid in our muscles to recondition after two games.

- Did you feel the relief?

- That was the first day at the training camp when my muscles weren’t sore.

- What did you do at the morning training session?

- We practiced applying and avoiding pressure.

- There was quite intense 5x5 square exercise.

- Each player was supposed to do two touches maximum. It’s hardly possible to elude someone considering such limitation, so one should pass the ball.

- Was the work in groups of three the major part of the session?

- No, it was a kind of break and time to practice shots on target.

- Do you think players are reaching the peak of their physical conditions?

- I don’t. We still lack the explosive speed. I guess we’ll keep working on that at the first and at the second training camp. Sometimes it’s like you know what to do, but your legs aren’t fast enough. As for physical conditions, personally I feel fine. Adaptation to exercise load is getting easier.

- You’ve had many training camps with Dynamo. Is this one special in some way?

- Actually it’s not. Well, the first week was very difficult considering a lot of running. But we’ve passed this stage. It will benefit us in the nearest future.