• 09 july
  • 03:37

Serhiy Sydorchuk: “I hope cup triumph will be the switcher that turns us on”

FC Dynamo Kyiv skipper Serhiy Sydorchuk has told about the Ukrainian Cup final against FC Vorskla Poltava.

- Congratulations on this victory how do you feel?

- Thanks a lot! There’s some exhaustion. I guess if this were the end of the season the mood would have been different. But everyone knows what’s going on in the league table. There are three games ahead and aims to reach.

- Did you expect you would concede so early in the game against Vorskla?

- I think that goal was harmful for Vorskla and beneficial for us. Poltava side rushed back and lets us do everything we could. We had a lot of chances in the first half, the second one was also pretty good. Anyway the anxiety was really vital. I understand what Vorskla guys feel, but I understand my guys too. This is the first significant trophy for some of them. I hope it’s not the last one.

- Dynamo are still to fight for the Champions League spot. Will this victory enforce you?

- I hope it will and I hope the cup triumph will be the switcher that turns us on. We actually can play, but we lack confidence.

- What did you tell Mykolenko after he missed from the spot?

- That was just human solidarity. He’s a young guy and he’s still got it all in front of him. I don’t mean only Ukrainian football. I think Mykolenko can join one of the best clubs of Europe. And I don’t think the missed penalty means a lot. Many people miss from the spot. Besides, we should thank him for taking the field despite injury.

- Did you feel the pressure when taking the shot?

- Of course I did and it’s okay. I didn’t take penalties in finals before and I knew that if I don’t score the shootout would be over.