• 12 may
  • 15:20
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Serhiy Sydorchuk: “There’re sanitizers at the training complex, employees wear masks”

On May 12 FC Dynamo Kyiv first team had the first ordinary training session after quarantine easement. The White-Blues skipper Serhiy Sydorchuk has told about it.

- That was something similar to normal training process. It wasn’t very exhausting. Everyone missed each other, there were a lot of emotions and no one wanted to lose (smiling).

This is the first time the team gathered during the quarantine. Before that we worked in small groups of 3-4 people.

- What was the session like?

- At first there was a warm-up, then we did jogging and played a small football competition.

- Did Olexiy Mykhailychenko have the floor?

- He said that as far as the pandemic isn’t over yet we must still be careful and stick to restrictions.

- What has changed at the training complex?

- There’re sanitizers everywhere, employees wear masks. They don’t let closed space get crowded. Gym, swimming pool and sauna are still closed.

- Do you think the league will restart on May 30?

- That’s not for sure. There’re no official documents yet. Not all teams have done coronavirus tests.