Serhiy REBROV: “The way we play against Napoli will depend upon performers and their attitude to the game”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Serhiy Rebrov has answered the most urgent questions.

- How do internationals feel? Are they okay?

- Antunes has insignificant injury, but generally everyone’s fine.

- You’ve played a sparring against FC Milsami Orhei (6:0). Was it useful?

- Sure. I’m glad players took this sparring seriously. The game was quite informative. We’ve already analyzed it.

- What can you tell about Dynamo potential newcomer Cedric Gogoua, who took part in the game?

- So, far he’s just having a trial. Unfortunately we can’t use him in official fixtures at the moment as he broke the contract with his previous club when the season was on. He’ll work with us till the end of the year and then we’ll decide what to do.

- How is Khacheridi doing?

- He’s fine. His treatment took a week. Anyway I don’t think they didn’t call him up to the national team because of this injury. He was ready to play.

- Do you still have any goals in the Champions League?

- We must aim for victory in every game no matter what fans and experts say. That’s what we’ll do.

- What do you think of the debut of Tsyhankov and Besedin for Ukraine national team?

- I’m glad they’ve made the debut and gained confidence. It’s great for any club when its players perform for national teams as they gain experience.

As for Tsyhankov and Besedin, I don’t think they spoiled anything about Ukraine play. I’m sure they have future in the national team.

- What about the incident concerning Vida? He’s already apologized for that.

- I’ve talked to Vida and he’s been fined. The amount of fine is really significant. Everyone has a room for mistake, but what he’s done is unacceptable!

* photo by V. Rasner