• 22 jan
  • 18:57

Ruslan Neshcheret: “Goalkeepers also need strength and endurance”

This isn’t the first time FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Ruslan Neshcheret celebrates his birthday at the training camp.

- What is it like to have a birthday at the training camp?

- Actually I’ve got used to it. This isn’t the first time I celebrate abroad.

- Has anyone congratulated you on the phone?

- My parents and teammates have.

- Despite the birthday, you’ve had a regular training session just like your teammates. What did you work on today?

- There were a lot of shots on goal today, especially in the morning. In the afternoon we practiced different situation that can occur on the field.

- Do you feel that the half of the training camp is over? What have you already accomplished?

- In Kyiv we mostly worked on endurance while here we work with the ball.

- Vitaliy Buialskyi has mentioned it’s more interesting to practice shots of target when young keepers secure the goal. What can you respond?

- Vitaliy is a funny guy. We often make up some tasks for each other and sometimes he doesn’t win (smiling).

- Who has the most powerful shot in Dynamo?

- I guess Andriyevskyi. His shot is incredibly powerful and accurate. Popov likes curlers while Buialskyi tries to send the ball over goalkeeper.

- Goalkeepers often work with the rest of the team. For example, they do strength exercises…

- Sure, goalkeepers also need strength and endurance, so we work out at the gym.

- What kind of ambitions do you have?

- Of course I want to become Dynamo #1 keeper, but I realize I need to work very hard for that.