• 16 july
  • 00:15

Olexandr KHATSKEVYCH: “Our major games are still ahead”

After the Ukrainian Super Cup FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexandr Khatskevych answered journalists’ questions.

- The match was dynamic. Early in the game we had problems in the midfield and Taison started all Shakhtar attacks. After the first goal we had chances. After the break we conceded similar goal. Our second striker took the field and we had more scoring opportunities. Mbokani could hit the target.

- Did you hope the team would come back after Stepanenko was sent off?

- We hoped so even before that.

- What could let your team score late in the game?

- After second striker took the field we didn’t act the way we were supposed to. Our substitutions weren’t totally a success. Besedin had a chance, but didn’t use it. Shepelev is a young player, so he was a bit anxious. Anyway, this is the first match of the season. Our major games are still ahead.

- What was positive about this game?

- The team didn’t stop. Unfortunately we haven’t avoided mistakes, but we start the season with optimism.

- Did you have doubts concerning the starting lineup?
- We defined it two days before the game. We have problems with laterals. This match has proved it. That’s why we’ve signed Kedziora. We must analyze everything and get rid of drawbacks.

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