• 12 july
  • 00:57

Josip PIVARIC: “Believe in us!”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Josip Pivaric has told about reconditioning process after injury and preparations for the new season.

- Josip, how do you feel?

- I’m already fine. I’m glad to work with the team again. My knee doesn’t bother me.

- What was the most difficult about the recovery period?

- It’s hard from psychological point of view. I worked at a clinic in Zagreb every day. I’m happy to be back.

- Did you follow Dynamo while recovering? Did you keep in touch with guys?

- Sure, I did. What really matters now is that I’m ready to play. I spent 30 minutes on the field in my first game. Maybe next time I’ll play even more.

- Your competitor for starting spot Vitaliy Mykolenko has demonstrated significant progress. What do you think of that?

- Competition is necessary. Every team needs two worthy players for each position. Congratulations to Vitaliy, he’s had a very good season.

- This is the final part of the training camp. What do you think of your physical conditions?

- We must work hard. Fatigue is totally natural.

- What would you like to tell supporters, who miss you?

- Believe in us! This season we’ll be the champions.