• 20 jan
  • 19:27

Vadym Yevtushenko: “We aren’t satisfied with our performance despite the win” (+VIDEO)

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Vadym Yevtushenko has commented upon the friendly against Neftci PFK (2:1).

- Yesterday and today we used two lineups and each performed for 45 minutes. We didn’t mix these lineups so that players could find common ground on the field. The outcome is positive, we scored twice quite quickly, but we aren’t satisfied with our performance. I don’t know why, but we lost possession too often. It’s good players have got certain exercise load, but we want to see some quality of football too. Instead our performers were nervous for some reason. Probably they’ve got tired both physically and psychologically.

- Goals by Mykolenko and Rusyn must be the most positive episodes of the game?

- There were more decent combinations in the first half. We went in front early in the game. Mykolenko passed to de Pena and rushed into the penalty area. It was a good goal. The second combination wasn’t bad either. Karavayev found de Pena with a cross. Maybe the ball even crossed the line after the first attempt. Anyway, Rusyn was there to hit the target.

- How are players doing in terms of physical conditions?

- We don’t have any special preparations for friendlies. We have certain training program and of course players are tired when they take the field in these games.