• 31 oct 2016
  • 00:10

Serhiy RYBALKA: “Players support the coach and I think everything will be fine”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Serhiy Rybalka has answered Profootball TV show questions:

- After the national cup match against Zoria your team met fans. What did you talk about?

- We listened to their claims and expressed our opinion. I think everyone will make conclusion and we’ll establish regular communication. Such meeting was necessary. Maybe if such meetings are held more often there will be more fans at the stadium.

- Recently Serhiy Rebrov stated that some players have lost motivation. Have his words influenced the team?

- When players don’t demonstrate positive results everyone says they don’t have motivation. Maybe we don’t show spectacular play, but look at goals we concede: own goal, silly goal from Oleksandria… Luck is vital in football. At the moment we lack it, but we work really hard at training sessions. Anyway if coaches think some performers don’t have motivation, they should talk to them.

- You’re one of those players, who were criticized. You made a lot of mistakes in Dynamo games against Olimpik and Chornomorets. What’s the reason?

- Believe me, I do my best to change the situation. I’ll work even harder at training sessions to avoid mistakes. I’m really upset and I’m sorry I demonstrate such play.

- After recent game against Zoria Serhiy Rebrov said you played as in your palmy days. Is good old Rybalka back?

- I hope so. If I keep my mind clean and focus only on football I’ll play differently. I guess at some point I thought I could relax and take a risk sometimes, but one can’t do that on my position. I always try to stay in possession, not just to kick the ball forward. Maybe that results in mistakes and I should act simply.

- Was appearance of three youngsters in recent national cup game unexpected?

- These youngsters work with us at training sessions, so they know what to do. I think they’ve used their chance. We should support them and thank for the game.

- Has Serhiy Rebrov changed considering that it’s his third season in charge of Dynamo? He’s under serious pressure at the moment…

- I don’t think his attitude to the team has changed. We work the same way we did last year and the year before that. The thing is that media criticism influences atmosphere in the team. I guess it’s bitter for Serhiy Rebrov to read he can be fired after every game. Anyway players support the coach and I think everything will be fine.

* photo by V. Rasner

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