• 28 серп
  • 15:33

Serhiy REBROV: “Teodorczyk is a penalty area and six-yard box finisher”

Before FC Dynamo Kyiv open training session in Koncha-Zaspa the White-Blues head coach Serhiy Rebrov answered journalists’ questions.

- What are your first impressions of the newcomer Lukasz Teodorczyk? How soon will he adapt to the team?

- We all hope that he’ll adapt to our team quickly, but unfortunately he’s missed quite a lot due to injury. Teodorczyk has decided not to join Poland national team as he wants to recondition as soon as possible. After international fixtures we’ll have quite a tight schedule, so his fitness is important for us.

- Who insisted on signing Teodorczyk – you, talent scouts or Dynamo president?

- The system works as follows: scouts offer us performers, coaches analyze their play and after that we discuss all issues with president.

- What are the main strengths of Teodorczyk?

- Teodorczyk is a penalty area and six-yard box finisher. He plays aggressively and that’s what we need. I’m glad for Artem Kravets, who’s started scoring. I’m sure that competing for starting spot will inspire both him and Teo.

- When will Teodorczyk take the field?

- He’s had only one training session. I’m not sure whether he’ll be getting ready for the game against FC Chornomorets Odesa.

- Mykyta Burda made his debut for the main squad in the cup match against FC Zirka Kirovohrad. Will he keep getting game practice?

- Sure, and not only Burda! We have many young performers, who work with the main squad. As for Mykyta, I think he played worthy. It’s all in his hands.

- Last season matches against Chornomorets weren’t a success for Dynamo. What can you say about this team today?

- They are good orderly team though they’ve lost some key performers. They have enough high profile players, proper motivation and good coach.

- Maxym Shatskikh has issued you ice bucket challenge. Are you going to accept it?

- Well, I have to if such player issues me a challenge (smiling).

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