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Ruslan ROTAN: “I was all in favor of transfer to Dynamo”

FC Dynamo Kyiv and Ukraine national team player Ruslan Rotan has told about his transfer to our club and the training camp with the White-Blues.

- Let’s start with your recent transfer to Dynamo. Who initiated it? What was your reaction?
- When the vacation started my agent called me and asked whether I was interested in such variant. I said: “I’m all in favor of it!” Everything happened really quickly.

- Did you follow Dynamo lately?

- It was hard to do it in CzechRepublic, where I was playing. I knew little about Ukrainian football there, but of course I read some news on the internet.

- Dynamo training camp has been on for ten days already. Is it like you expected?

- Training camps are always hard for players, especially in Dynamo. We work on fitness a lot. We realize it’s necessary for further victories.

- Though the score doesn’t matter in friendlies at the training camp, people want the team to win all the time…

- Sure, we want to win too, but you shouldn’t focus on that at the training camp. We should keep working and doing what coach tells to. At the training camp one can even lose against a team from lower league if this team is more fit. We’ve been training for only about a week.

- Today there are a lot of youngsters in Dynamo, especially in the midfield. Do you like playing with them?

- They are talented guys and I like playing alongside them. They’re humble, friendly and hard-working. I’m sure they’re Dynamo future.

- Have you talked to the head coach? What will you role in the team be?

- We haven’t had any serious conversations. Before we signed the contract he said he counts on me, but I must earn the right to play. That’s totally natural.

- Have you considered becoming a coach after you finish playing?

- Frankly speaking, I haven’t. To become a coach one must forget his career of player. Coach can’t be as emotional as players.

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