• 28 nov
  • 19:45

Press conference of Mircea Lucescu after the game against Vorskla

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Mircea Lucescu answered media questions after the game against FC Vorskla Poltava (2:0).

- Supriaha has been outside first eleven for two months already. Don’t you believe in him anymore?

- COVID-19 has made a certain impact on all aspects of the game. Supriaha played a lot as he’s a young promising player. But other players also aim to be among first eleven. Verbic also needed time to recondition after injury, but gradually he started doing better. Anyway this doesn’t mean that Supriaha isn’t the first team player anymore.

- What do you think of the refereeing – cancelled goal and red card for Zabarnyi?

- I can’t comment upon that as I also didn’t understand anything.

- In the second half you made double substitution after which Dynamo had 5-7 tough minutes. Didn’t you regret?

- I didn’t plan to make these substitutions, but we’re in for the next game. We let some players have rest and gave others game practice. I’m not satisfied with the way Harmash played. Things got worse for us in terms of possession in the midfield, but still we kept creating chances.

- It seemed VAR influenced the dynamics of the game negatively…

- I expressed my opinion concerning VAR when UEFA gathered coaches from all over the Europe. Back then I told Michel Platini I was against VAR as it would kill beauty and dynamics of football.

If we use VAR all the time there will be six-seven players remaining on the field by the end of a match. Football is a contact sport. I guess it’s because I’m from different generation, but I think football becomes less spectacular with VAR.

- Why wasn’t Buialskyi on players’ list?

- He hurt a rib at the training session yesterday.