• 11 nov
  • 20:00

Olexandr KHATSKEVYCH: “Guys were on a roll”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexandr Khatskevych answered media questions after the win against FC Mariupol (4:0).

- The start of the game was quite tough for us. Visitors created chances, but gradually we took the game under control. We asked players to use wings and that’s how two first goals were scored. After that we got more space. Our guys were on a roll. Still I’d like to see more effectiveness than improvisation.

- Early in the season Dynamo demonstrated good results, but many people criticized your play. Then there was even no result. Now it seems you’ve found optimal combination.

- Start of every season is difficult. We won a lot of games by narrow margin, then couldn’t win at all. But we see our players’ conditions. What really matters is confidence. One must risk, maybe even despite mistakes… Now journalists speak well of us, but don’t forget that we have many youngsters in our team and they can lack stability. We must be patient and believe in them. Criticize me, but leave them alone.

- Has the team fulfilled your game plan?

- The start wasn’t good. We planned to play more aggressively. Anyway, visitors made us find our emotions and demonstrate character. So, but for the start of the match, everything was pretty well.

- Players are about to join national teams. Will they be as fit as now when they come back?

- Now players are to focus on international games. Some will have decisive battles and some, like Ukrainians – matches that don’t mean anything important. These are different emotions. Anyway, we’ve got used to such schedule. I hope everything will be fine.


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