• 18 серп
  • 23:15

Mykola MOROZIUK: “Switching positions is my thing”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Mykola Moroziuk answered journalists’ questions after the win against FC Oleksandria:

- Every game is quite difficult this season. Anyway, Oleksandria didn’t cause us serious troubles today.

- Did you expect Oleksandria would be UPL leaders at this stage?

- I didn’t think that would happen before the season started. They’ve done well and won four games. But, frankly speaking, the team that lays claims to leading positions can’t just struggle not to concede. I don’t know what could let them win today.

- Are Dynamo going to score more than one goal per game?

- Our task is to win. It doesn’t matter – 1:0 or 5:0. Of course we want more confident victories, but three points are above all.

- Were you too nervous in the first half?

- It’s quite hard, when you can’t score in one situation and than in another. We don’t have a right to play in a draw or lose, so we were a bit nervous.

- What did you feel playing as winger again?

- Of course when you act in the same position for a while, you get used to it. A didn’t play as winger for quite a long time. This position has certain peculiarities. Still professionals must be able to switch quickly.

- Usually you agree to play where they tell you to?

- If they told me to play in some position I know nothing about, I would have objected. But if I feel I would cope with my duties, it’s okay. I guess switching positions is my thing. I used to play as left and right lateral, as left and right winger. It’s good in a way, but I lack game practice in one certain position.

- Dynamo have quite tough schedule. How do you feel?

- I don’t feel tired. Victories give strength. Still maybe there’s slight psychological pressure.

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