• 27 серп
  • 12:34

Lukasz TEODORCZYK: “They don’t say such clubs as Dynamo nay”

After Polish striker Lukasz Teodorczyk signed five-year contract with FC Dynamo Kyiv he answered club media questions:

- What are your impressions of transfer to Dynamo? Why have you chosen Ukrainian club?

- Dynamo are the team with great traditions. They don’t say such clubs nay.

- What is your contract validity period and what will be your squad number?

- I’ve signed a five-year contract. I haven’t chosen the squad number yet, but I want it to be #91.

- When will you be ready to start training and playing?

- I’m ready to start working today. I’d like to do that as soon as possible and help the team.

- Have you already talked to Serhiy Rebrov? What did he tell you?

- We talked yesterday. In general he wished me to adapt to the team as soon as possible.

- Do you know that you are the first Polish player in Dynamo contemporary history?

- I didn’t know that (smiling). I hope some day there will be more.

- A lot of foreign players refuse to come to Ukraine this summer because of the situation in the country. Does it make you uneasy?

- Of course, I know about situation in Ukraine. They speak a lot about that in Poland. We hope that everything will be fine soon. At least I’ve made sure that everything is okay in Kyiv.

- You’ve been staying in Kyiv for three days already. What was you brightest impression within this period of time?

- I’m just getting familiarized with the city. I’ve seen a part of it from my hotel room. In the afternoon we were at the restaurant. Anyway I think that Kyiv is beautiful, especially at night. And of course I’ve been to the training complex. It’s really impressive.

- You have a quiet style of dress, but very big nice watch…

- I like watches. The one you see is my favourite.

- What kind of tattoo do you have?

- That’s my motto. These words help me in time of need. They are related to my past.

- Where are you going to live in Kyiv?

- At the moment I live at the hotel as I haven’t looked for apartment yet. I’m going to live alone.

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