• 21 jan
  • 12:05
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Ibrahim Kargbo: “I want to be like Ibrahimovic in a way”

FC Dynamo Kyiv newcomer Ibrahim Kargbo has shared his impressions of the training camp in Turkey.

- Teammates call you Ibra. Have you always had this nickname?

- When I just came, coach asked me how I like being called. I said Ibra would be fine. When I played in Belgium they also called me Junior. But I like Ibra as Ibrahimovic is a great player and I want to be like him in a way.

- You made your debut for Dynamo in the game against Legia. What are your impressions?
- At first I was a bit anxious, but then I got more confident. It was a good game against the team that features in euro cups.

- In the second game – against Neftci – you also played as winger although it’s actually not your position…

- That’s true, my major position is striker. That’s where I feel most comfortable. But I want to benefit the team, so I’m ready to perform in any attacking position.

- Today you worked at the gym. How was that?

- I think it’s very beneficial to work on different groups of muscles several times a week. We must be strong and enduring.

- How much time will you need to get accustomed to the team?

- Actually I already feel like at home. We laugh and have fun together, follow each other on Instagram.

- Will the first goal help your adaptation?

- Sure, I can’t wait to score my first goal for Dynamo. That’s very important to me.