• 13 feb
  • 11:10

Borys PEIREK: “Yarmolenko works with almost no restrictions” (+ VIDEO)

FC Dynamo Kyiv recreation therapist Borys Peirek has told about work at the training camp and health problems of players including Andriy Yarmolenko.

- Borys, how did you return to Dynamo last year?

- Last year I came to Dynamo away match against Fiorentina. That’s where I talked to Serhiy Rebrov and he offered me to return to Kyiv.

- Dynamo have another recreation therapist – Volodymyr Yarmoshuk. What are your duties?
- I work with main squad more while Volodymyr – with reserve team.

- Andriy Yarmolenko hasn’t taken part in a single sparring at the training camp so far…

- Yarmolenko works with almost no restrictions. He had serious injury and I can only thank him for discipline he demonstrates. He wants to step back into ranks as soon as possible. We all hope he’ll help Dynamo in the first match against ManchesterCity.

- How is he reconditioning at the training camp?

- At first he worked individually and then started doing some exercises with the team, but without contact with other players. He’s ready to rejoin the team.

- Olexandr Rybka is recovering after surgery. How is he?

- He’s on the right track.

- What can you say about health problems of Yevhen Makarenko?

- I worked with him a lot after my return to Dynamo. Yevhen already takes part in sparrings. I think he’s left the injury behind.

- Do newcomers cope with exercise load?

- Korzun got used to exercise load quickly while Yakovenko lacks something. The thing is he didn’t have much game practice recently.

- After training sessions you help some players to do stretching…

- Medical examination has defined problems players have. Some of them need stretching.

- What are your expectations of this season?

- We want to win the domestic league and reach as far as possible in the Champions League. First of all our aim is to outplay ManchesterCity.

* photo by A. Lukatskyi

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