• 25 feb
  • 23:38

Benjamin VERBIC: “Today I wasn’t emotional unlike previous games”

Benjamin Verbic, who scored twice against FC Zoria Luhansk, has shared his impressions of the match:

- The whole team did well today, we’ve deserved this win. Zoria are good team and it’s worth much to defeat them 5:0. Early in the game we weren’t active enough, but then scored after great counterattack.

- How do players feel after difficult game against Olympiacos? Have you had enough time to recondition?
- I guess you saw that 15-20 minutes before the time we got tired, but then we got the second breath and qualified for the Europa League next stage. It’s easier to recondition after such victories. I think we’ve done a good job today even though we didn’t have much time to get ready for the match.

- Usually it’s not easy for Dynamo to defeat Zoria. Was this game a kind of exception?

- We just played our football and knew how Zoria act. We realized their tall forwards can be a danger, so we tried not to let them get the ball. I think today we were faster than Zoria.

- You’ve got your sixth yellow card in a row. Why are you so emotional?

- Actually today I wasn’t emotional. I just was a bit unlucky. But I can say I was emotional in previous games.

- You mean the game against Olympiacos?
- Yes, the start of that game was quite tough. I shouldn’t have done what I did. That’s a lesson for me.

- You must be very upset you’ll miss the game against Chelsea in London…

- I am, but this is life. I hope I’ll have another chance to play there.

- Do you know you’ve scored your 10th goal for Dynamo in the UPL?

- I didn’t know that. I hope I’ll keep scoring for Dynamo.

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