• 30 may 2014
  • 00:11

Artem KRAVETS: “I feel that I can do a lot for Dynamo”

After the end of the season FC Dynamos Kyiv forward Artem Kravets signed a new contract with the club, after which he left for Turkey with his wife.

Shortly before the departure he told the White-Blues official web site about the important event and his plans for the nearest future:

- Artem, you’ve signed a new contract with Dynamo. Till what date was your previous agreement valid?
I’ve really signed a new contract, but not prolonged the previous one. That agreement was valid till July 1 2014

- Late in the season you had a talk with Dynamo president Ihor Surkis. What was it about?

- We had an appointment after the last match against FC Zoria Luhansk. We’ve decided that I’ll go to the training camp with the team. If I figure in head coach’s plans I’ll stay. Otherwise I’ll perform somewhere on loan for a year.

- What is the term of your new contract?

- It will be valid till July 1 2015.

- Do you consider offers from other clubs? What does it mean to you to stay in Dynamo?

- I consider different offers, but my body and soul belong to one team and I feel that I can do a lot for it. Maybe it seems that I just sit on the bench and earn money, but that’s not true. I really want to prove everyone that I’m a good player. I didn’t get a single chance to do that within half a year.

- What are your expectations of the new season? What do you want to achieve with the team?

- I’ll work a lot to benefit the team! I want to win the domestic title with Dynamo!

- Serhiy Rebrov has become Dynamo new head coach. What relations do you have with him? Have you discussed your future in Dynamo?

- I think we have normal relations. There’s no need for such talk. Everything must be proved on the pitch.

- Rebrov will form the team according to his vision and thus you’ll have a chance to struggle for regular starting spot at the training camp…

- Rebrov has been working with the team for a long time and he knows what we can. If he didn’t need me I would have already left Dynamo. Training camp is a chance for everyone.

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* photo by V. Rasner