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Andriy YARMOLENKO: “There’s no second place for Dynamo, only the first!”

FC Dynamo Kyiv winger and skipper Andriy Yarmolenko has analyzed the game against FC Zirka Kropyvnytskyi (2:0):

- We couldn’t win three home matches in succession, so we wanted to gladden our fans with victory. I think they enjoyed our play this time.

- It seemed Zirka gave Dynamo much space.

- I’d like to praise Zirka for such play as they didn’t come to Kyiv just to defend. They tried to apply pressure. People like such kind of football. Zirka deserve respect.

- Was it easy for Dynamo to win?

- It wasn’t. We tried to use every chance, but failed to sometimes. Still it’s good we have many scoring opportunities.

- Why can’t Hladkyi score?

- I can speak only for myself. It’s been a while since I scored my last goal. Anyway what really matters is that we’ve gained three points.

- Tsyhankov has scored another goal and got one more assist to his name. Is it comfortable for you to play alongside him?

- I’ve already said that Viktor is a very promising player. He must keep working. I know that after training sessions he works individually at the gym. I’m sure he’ll be a good player.

- He didn’t use some chances this time. Did you support him?

- Sure. What’s really important is that he has chances. He’ll learn how to use them effectively.

- Zirka had two chances late in the second half. Did Dynamo get tired?

- I guess so. Still I want to do justice to Zirka players. They really tried to play football instead of just defending. They have their style.

- Dynamo are second again in league table. Does that make you feel more comfortable?

- There’s no second place for Dynamo, only the first! We aren’t satisfied with our current position.

* photo by V. Rasner

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