• 27 jan
  • 18:34
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Olexiy Mykhailychenko: “We don’t have a single clear-cut forward and that’s good”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexiy Mykhailychenko has commented upon the win against FC Dynamo Brest (3:0) in the fifth friendly at the training camp in Belek:

- Josip Pivaric played as a winger today and proved he can score. What do you think of his goals?

- I need to see those episodes again first of all. In the second episode he did a great job to find space and doubled the score. The third goal also was the result of decent combination. We’ve seen what our physical conditions are today.

- Do halfbacks have a special mission?

- The whole team has. It doesn’t matter who scores. As you can see, we don’t have a single clear-cut forward and that’s good as all players defend and attack. The more versatile our performers are, the more unpredictable the team is.

- What do you think of performances by forwards Kargbo and Sol?

- Ibra is still getting accustomed. It was the first time we could use him in this position. Before that he played as a winger. He still needs to get used to his teammates and our demands. I see he’s doing his best. Ibra is on the right track.

As for Fran Sol, he lacks something and it was obvious today when he had several chances. Still he also works hard and participates in teamwork. We expect goals from him.