• 08 dec
  • 19:57

Olexiy Mykhailychenko: “Many Dynamo players didn’t perform on their level today”

Press conference of FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach after the game against FC Zoria Luhansk.

- It seems Zoria played better football today. Do you agree?

- Unfortunately we haven’t managed to turn our plan for the game into life. We started the match horribly and let Zoria feel confidence.

We made a lot of mistakes, especially in terms of defense. Zoria did better than us. As for me, many Dynamo players didn’t perform on their level today.

- What’s the main reason for defeat? Haven’t players fulfilled the game plan or maybe coaching staff picked wrong tactics? And one more question: do you think Dynamo and Zoria are teams of approximately same level today?

- It’s hardly possible to conclude whether we’re teams of the same level after one game.

As for reasons for defeat… Of course we’re responsible for that. Maybe the team didn’t work the way we were supposed to. I think we lost from psychological point of view first of all.

- Why didn’t Shepelev take the field?

- Unfortunately Shepelev has caught a cold. Mykolenko wasn’t ready to play either. As for me, we picked optimal lineup, but it wasn’t football we expected to demonstrate. As I’ve said, we have some psychological issues. This isn’t the first match we start like this. Anyway, I’m thankful to players as even being outnumbered they tried to change the situation on the field.