• 01 nov 2013
  • 15:53

Olexandr RYBKA: “I’ll bend every effort to justify confidence of the club and to win supporters’ recognition”

Olexandr Rybka, who has joined the White-Blues, is sure that his return to Dynamo is a right choice.

He has told club official web site about that in his first interview.

- What kind of thoughts did you have signing the contract with Dynamo?

- I had positive thoughts. I’m very thankful to FC Dynamo Kyiv and I’ll do my best to justify confidence of the club and to win supporters’ recognition.

- Why have you chosen Dynamo?

- I’ve returned to my native club. It was a decisive factor.

- What did you talk with Dynamo president about?

- No one can promise me that I will definitely play. It’s all in my hands. President has told that he wants to see me in Dynamo.

- The White-Blues already have several high profile goalkeepers? Aren’t you afraid of competing?

- There is competing in every team and it’s good.

- Playing for Dynamo you had to wait for your chance unsuccessfully…

- I don’t want to recall those times. I must turn over a new leaf.

- The contract will come into force in January. Will you be allowed to play starting with winter training camp?

- Yes,I’ll be allowed to play only when my disqualification lapses of term.

- How can you estimate your physical conditions?

- I feel great, but time will show everything.

- What advice does Mykhailo Mykhailov give you? How can you overcome the absence of game practice?

- It’s difficult to give some pieces of advice in such situation. As for training sessions, everything is fine.

- It seems you have chosen the squad number. Why 23?

- I just like this number. Anyway it’s not very important.

- What Dynamo fans’ attitude do you expect to see, considering the fact that you used to perform for FC Shakhtar Donetsk?

- We all know that sometimes players leave Milan for Juventus or Barcelona for Real… I’ll try to gain fans’ affection with my play.

- Have you drawn any lesson from your disqualification?

- Of course, I have. It was a peculiar experience. I’ve made necessary conclusions.

- How long will it take you to regain your best conditions and to struggle for regular starting spot?

- I think no one can answer this question right now. During the training camp we’ll play many friendlies. Everything will be fine if I get enough game practice.

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