• 20 jan
  • 20:00

Olexandr Andriyevskyi: “I’m sure the goal will give Rusyn confidence”

FC Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Olexandr Andriyevskyi has told about the friendly against Neftci PFK (2:1) and about the training camp in general.

- What do you think of the game?

- We played after intense exercise load. I think we’ve won deservedly.

- Dynamo scored twice in the first half, when you were on the field. Have you already recalled game connections? Have you found common ground with Rusyn, who’s returned to Dynamo?

- We used to play together before, so there’s no special need to look for common ground. I featured for the youth team with Rusyn. I like playing with him.

- Anyway the first goal was scored by the left back…

- Our coaches say laterals must join attacking actions. Mykolenko rushed into space, Carlos found him and Vitaliy scored.

- Rusyn has also scored. Not without contribution of de Pena again…

- I’m very glad he’s scored. I’m sure that will give him confidence.

- Dynamo are in search of balance at the moment, so there’s a lot of work in the midfield…

- Sure. Supporting midfielders must both defend and attack. Wingers have a lot of work too.

- In the second half the lineup changed. Your teammates weren’t as successful as first eleven and conceded. How come?

- Coach will tell what the mistakes were. Maybe the thing is that the score was 2:0 after the first half. Anyway, guys have done a good job. Neftci had few chances.

- What was the game against Legia like for you?

-  We switched from defense to attack pretty well, there were good counterattacks, Buialskyi had a scoring chance. Of course we made mistakes, but that was the first game at the training camp.

- You’ve already had a lot of training camps. What’s new about the current one? Have you already passed the hardest stage?

- We already can perform for 45 minutes, but we must make it 90+. There’s still a lot of hard work ahead. Of course there’re some new aspects about the training process, but we must do what coach tells us to.

- How difficult is the pre-season period? What can you compare it with?
- Well it’s just a very serious exercise load. We need to be strong. That’s our job and we must do it.