• 02 july
  • 21:23
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Mohammed Kadiri: “We need to win the next game a lot”

FC Dynamo Kyiv player Mohammed Kadiri has shared his expectations of the forthcoming game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

- We’re working really hard, everyone’s doing his best. The previous game was a failure, so now we work on our mistakes not to make them again.

- What were the major mistakes in Chernihiv?

- I don’t really want to discuss that. Everyone saw what was happening on the field and all players know what our mistakes were about. We’ve worked on our flaws and I’m sure we’ll do a good job in the next game.

- Do you feel comfortable playing as centre back?

- I do as I’ve played as centre back many times. I don’t feel any discomfort doing it.

- These days Dynamo use different defenders in different matches due to suspensions and injuries. Is it difficult to get used to new teammates on the field?

- Of course sometimes it’s not easy, when the lineup changes constantly. But we don’t have a choice. Every player must demonstrate the best he can. We need to win the next game a lot and to win the Ukrainian Cup.

- What do you think of Shakhtar you’ll face on Saturday?

- Frankly speaking, I don’t follow Shakhtar. I’m focused on our performances. Maybe the forthcoming game doesn’t matter to them a lot as they’ve already won the title, but it matters to us as we extremely need three points. We’ll do our best to win.