• 26 sep
  • 16:54

Mynai – Dynamo – 0:4: post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu

Press conference of FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Mircea Lucescu after the win against FC Mynai (4:0).

- Have you managed to give game practice to players before upcoming important games? What’s the situation concerning injured players like?

- It’s always difficult to switch to domestic league after euro cups. We opposed really motivated team and I warned players about that.

The game was under our control. Of course the red card was beneficial for us. We didn’t hurry to score, but eventually did what we had to. It was obvious players were keeping the upcoming game against Gent in mind.

As for lineup rotation, I try to keep all performers on the same level of readiness and motivation. Of course there’s difference between those who started the training process with me and those who joined us later.

As for injuries, I hope Popov will step back into ranks on Monday. Tymchyk will start working individually next week. As for Burda, you know he’ll miss a lot.

- Is Gerson Rodrigues okay?

- He got hurt at the training session yesterday and I decided to let him have rest. Tomorrow he’ll rejoin the team.

- You were standing in the rain throughout the game against Gent. How do you feel?

- It took me three days to recover (smiling). First of all I want players to be healthy. I caught cold, but the situation is under doctor’s control.

- They’re saying Duelund and Sol will leave the team, but today you gave them a chance.

- It seems journalists know more than I do about what’s going on in the team. The problem is that these players were unavailable when we started the training process. Thus I don’t know what they can do for Dynamo so far. After the game against Gent we’ll decide what to do. It’s not easy to have 27-28 players. Guys, who want to stay and compete for starting spot, will stay.

I know that Ukrainian and Romanian media were telling a falsehood about my conversation with Kravets. He came to Dynamo and faced fierce competition, so, having got an offer from Turkey, he decided to return there.

It’s important for coach to understand players. When a performer wants to leave, I never stand in his way. Football players’ career is very short – seven-eight years on top level, so I don’t want to prevent anyone from featuring somewhere else.