Mykyta Burda: “Early in the game we didn’t cope with Oleksandria pressure”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Mykyta Burda made his first appearance after long break caused by injury in the game against FC Oleksandria.

After the match he shared his impressions:

- Of course I’m happy to be back after such a long break, but unfortunately the final score has ruined my positive mood today.

- You made a substitute appearance today. Were you ready to be in the starting lineup?

- I was, but coaches decided other guys were more ready. I was waiting for my chance. Syrota made a mistake, but that can happen to anyone. He’s a young player, so he shouldn’t revolve around that. He had two great games before this one. I’ve supported him and I’m sure he’ll be fine.

- How come Dynamo do worse in the first half than in the second?

- I don’t think there’s some division. We failed in the first half as early in the game we didn’t cope with Oleksandria pressure. By the end of the first half we calmed down and started creating chances. After the break we were doing even better. Only the start was tough. We’ll try to fix this problem.

- Were both penalties fair?

- It’s hard to say. It seemed to me there was no foul in the second episode and Shabanov was the first to reach the ball. Still I need to see it again to make sure. As for referees, I think we need to search for new ones and teach them. Two people can’t be referees of our games all the time. Besides it seems they don’t know how to use VAR appropriately.