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Carlos de Pena: “I’m proud to play for Dynamo!”

Another guest of “Dynamo online” YouTube show was Carlos de Pena.

He told about his football life and answered fans’ questions.

- Carlos, the normal training process is finally back! How was your quarantine?

- I’m glad to be on the field again. During the quarantine I didn’t stop training. We’re ready to compete.

- What are current training sessions like?

- I missed guys and our training sessions. It’s great to know we’ll play soon. We’ll do our best to finish second in the UPL this season.

- Whom did you miss the most during the quarantine?

- I met some guys occasionally as we worked in small groups. I worked with Duelund, Verbic, Pivaric, Sol, Kadiri, Rusyn, Kargbo. But most of all I missed Mykolenko.

- What do you think of Mykolenko’s potential?

- I think he can perform in any European league. Vitaliy is a really good left back. He’s strong and fast. He can play in England, Spain or Italy. I like playing alongside him. I hope he’ll feature in a top league soon.

- What are the major differences between Ukrainian and Uruguayan football?

- Ukrainian football is about fitness. Ukrainian players are stronger and faster, but Uruguayan are more skillful.

- What’s the secret of Uruguayan football?

- The first birthday present for a kid in Uruguay is a ball. This is #1 sport. We love it, enjoy it and play it. Our national team is really good.

- Would you like to be Dynamo scout after you finish your career?

- I want to play till I turn 40 and so far I don’t think about future a lot. I’m a player and I enjoy that. When I finish my career we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll be a coach or maybe a scout. Probably I’ll be able to offer Dynamo players from Uruguay or Latin America in general.

- Dynamo turn 93 today. Have you been to the museum of the club?

- Sure, I have. I’ve seen trophies, I know the history of the club, I know about great Valeriy Lobanovskyi and outstanding players, such as Shevchenko, Blokhin. I’m happy to be a part of Dynamo. Dynamo have birthday today and my native Nacional – tomorrow. These clubs have similar history. Everyone knows Dynamo in Uruguay. I’m proud to play for the White-Blues.

- On May 13 2002 great Valeriy Lobanovskyi passed away. What do you know about his career?

- I know that Dynamo Stadium was named after him. He was one of the best coaches in the world. His training sessions were very intense. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about him from my teammates and coaches.

- Who’s the best player in the world in your opinion? What about Uruguay and Ukraine?

- My favourite player is Alvaro Recoba. We played together for 3 years. Today the best one in the world is Messi. As for Ukraine – that’s Shevchenko. It was great to meet him in Turkey when he came to Dynamo training session.

- Can you compare the life in Ukraine, Spain, England and Uruguay?

- Every nation has its own mentality. Uruguay is a small country, it seems that we all know each other. The Spanish are similar to us in terms of traditions, cuisine and habits. England is different. Ukraine also has its peculiarities. I’m happy here.

- What’s your favourite Ukrainian dish?

- I like syrnyky. That’s something new for me. I’ve also tasted borshch. Ukrainian cuisine is really good.

- Dynamo supporters picked you as the best player of the team in 2019. How difficult was this way for you – from unknown player to one of the best in Dynamo?

- It was a challenge for me. It’s tough when you don’t play. I didn’t play for a while after Dynamo signed me. Still I believed in myself, worked hard and was ready to perform for this great team. Now I feel comfortable in Dynamo and I’m glad supporters picked me as player of the year.