Carlos de Pena – player of the year according to supporters!

The polling we held to defined FC Dynamo Kyiv best player of the year 2019 is over.

It lasted till January 31 and more than seven thousand people have taken part in it.

So, it’s time to announce that the first place goes to Carlos de Pena, who’s got 31% of votes.

Carlos signed his contract with Dynamo on April 10 2019 and it took him less than a year to earn teammates’ and supporters’ respect due to professional attitude to work. He’s turned out to be one of the most effective players of the team in 2019 with 6 goals and 7 assists in 32 matches (21 in starting lineup) to his name.

Carlos found out he was picked as player of the year when in Uruguay, where he celebrated New Year with his family and friends. Still he agreed to summarize the last year in this interview.

- Carlos, what was the year 2019 like for you?

- For me it was a very good year. I got the opportunity to sign a contract with Dynamo that are such a big club and well known all over the world. In personal terms I also scored some goals and did some assists that is always good, but the team success is above all to me.

- You’ve spent almost a year with Dynamo. Are you satisfied with this stage of your career?

- It’s been such an incredible experience so far. It’s really different to what I am used to in terms of city, language and customs, but I think I’ve adapted really well. I used to play for Nacional, the biggest team in Uruguay, so I’m familiar with the pressure of playing for a big team and the necessity of winning titles. So far I’ve won the Ukrainian Super Cup with Dynamo and I hope we can win the Cup this year as well.

- Your contract with Dynamo has been automatically prolonged. What goals do you set for yourself in this club?

- It’s good that the contract has been prolonged, because it means I’m doing pretty good job. My objectives are the same as in2019 – to do my best in every game and training process, to try to help the team win. Of course when you’ve been with a team for a while, you want to become an important player.

- Dynamo supporters have picked you as player of the year 2019. Is this unexpected for you?

- I’m really happy with this decision from the fans because it’s my first year in the club and I think they like me a lot. Fans are always amazing and give us the support even when we don’t win and that’s what I want to thank for. There are many good players in the team and I think some of them could also have won this prize, but to be honest I’m very happy it’s me.

- What would you like to achieve in 2020?

­- I want to play as much as I can and help the team win titles and reach objectives we have this year. I will demonstrate commitment and professionalism as I’ve been doing since the first moment I arrived at the club.

- What do you want to wish supporters in 2020?

- I want to wish everyone a good start of the year, peace and happiness in 2020. In terms of football, I wish them just wins and many good moments following the team. Thanks a lot to everyone and Happy New Year!