• 05 july
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Carlos de Pena: “We must turn the corner and move on”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Carlos de Pena has told about the game against FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

By the way, his goal in this match was the 10th in the UPL for Carlos:

- There were two different halves. Shakhtar were doing better than us before the break. In the second half we acted better and managed to equalize. Then visitors scored again which was very disappointing.

- How come Dynamo have lost four UPL games against Shakhtar?

- Shakhtar are very good team and today they were better than us. We defeated them in the Ukrainian Cup and then reached the final. It’s very important to us to defeat Shakhtar. Anyway there’re three more UPL games ahead and we must win all of them.

- What task did you get from coach when you were taking the field?

- I was just supposed to help the team and do my job in the left wing. I’m glad I’ve scored, but of course I’m upset we’ve lost. Team success means much more to me than personal achievements. Now we’ll focus on the Ukrainian Cup final to win the trophy.

- What do you think of the assist by Olexandr Syrota?

- I think Olexandr has had a very good game. It was extremely important to him. I’m happy for this young player and I can only praise him. Of course Olexandr and the whole team would have been in much better mood if we won, but we must turn the corner and move on.