• 11 jan
  • 17:21

Kadiri and Popov work individually, Burda to keep recovering in Turkey

After all FC Dynamo Kyiv players had medical examination at Borys clinic, the team had the second training session in Koncha-Zaspa in 2020.

The White-Blues doctor Leonid Myronov has told about physical conditions of our performers:

- We’ll get the results of medical examination in a couple of days. So far I can just say that our guys don’t have any health issues.

- Does anyone work individually?

- Mostly everyone’s fine. There’re a two guys, who haven’t finished recovery process they started last year – Kadiri and Popov.

- How does Mykyta Burda feel?

- He’s had a serious injury and surgery. Still he’ll go to the training camp. He’ll keep recovering in Turkey. It’s very beneficial for him to remain a part of the team.