• 13 may 2020
  • 20:25

Ihor Surkis: “Our major position is to minimize risks for players and teams”

FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis has explained the position of our club in terms of the most urgent issues in Ukrainian football.


Dynamo want to play the current season to the end. As for how and where this should be done, that’s up to the UAF and UPL to decide. That’s their responsibility.

FC Dynamo Kyiv are ready for any scenario.

Still there’s simple logic. Four teams out of top six are located in Kyiv or nor far from it. If there’s a chance not to travel through the country in order to avoid troubles, we should use this chance.

Under current circumstances, every away match is a logistic problem and a risk for players’ health. Hotels are closed, air travels are forbidden.

We are ready to let FC Zoria Luhansk use our youth school training complex. It has all the necessary stuff for normal training process of professional team. We’re ready to help our opponents with that. Our aim is to minimize risks for the league participants.

If our opponents want to perform in empty stadiums in other cities, that’s okay, but if we all play in Kyiv, everyone will actually be on equal footing as we’ll play behind closed doors too.

So what’s the difference? Let’s take our match against Shakhtar in Kharkiv as an example. Both teams take two or three buses to get there and then we play in empty Metalist Stadium. What’s the point?

I don’t think we’ll have difficulties negotiating with Shakhtar, Kolos and Desna. We hope all clubs will take the same position in this situation. Our major position is to minimize risks for players and teams.


So far we haven’t seen a single program of candidates. That’s why Dynamo haven’t decided which candidate we support.

When we find out what they offer, then we’ll make a choice. If we see some real plan of actions aimed to help our football and UPL development, we’ll support this person.


I think communication of UAF with clubs and head coaches of all teams under such circumstances should be different. Actually there was no real communication, we didn’t know the position of UAF in terms of key issues.

Valeriy Lobanovskyi used to say: “There’re no trivialities in football”. These are the “trivialities” the attitude of people to their work consists of.


Dynamo strongly believe that we all must stick to regulations. From the very beginning we agreed that there would be 14 teams in 2020/2021 season.

Herewith there must be clear criteria of participants’ attestation. There must be financial guarantees so that clubs didn’t fall out of the race.

I’m sure that the First League teams that want to promote to UPL can give such guarantees. I follow the Ukrainian football carefully and I know what the situation is like.

First League clubs presidents have a point. They invest money into infrastructure development, aim to promote to UPL and take their lead from existing rules. But now some say they won’t be allowed to promote as the rules have changed. How is that possible in civilized society?