• 23 march
  • 17:23
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Heorhiy Bushchan: “I work on personal growth and consider getting a dog”

FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Heorhiy Bushchan has told club media how he spends his time during the quarantine caused by COVID-19 virus pandemic:

- I don’t do anything important. When restrictions were less harsh I used to go to the wood with other guys and have sessions to stay fit. Now I stay at home. I’ve done groceries and stick to quarantine rules. Buckwheat? Of course I’ve got it! I have everything except toilet paper (laughing). My girlfriend helps me with cooking. She’s good at that.

Now that I have more free time I try to communicate with family and friends. I talk to my daughter via Face Time. She used to be a bit sick, but now she’s fine. I keep in touch with my parents and sister, who live in Odesa. They also follow quarantine restrictions.

- What hobbies do you have?

- I’d really love to go fishing, but I need to be in Odesa for that. I can’t do that so far. I have enough time to watch movies and series, to read books. I guess I need to say I don’t play Counter-Strike! I work on personal growth and do individual training sessions.

I don’t have pets, but these days I consider getting one. I used to have a cat called Buffon, but I gave it to my daughter. Now I think of getting a dog. I’ll show it do you if I get one.