Heorhiy Bushchan: “I didn’t expect to get such “present” as defeat”

FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Heorhiy Bushchan, who had a birthday the day the White-Blues faced FC Shakhtar Donetsk, has commented upon the match:

- I play on my birthday extremely rarely as usually the season ends by May 31. So, usually I don’t celebrate on the field.

This time, I turned the phone off in the morning and didn’t respond calls. I didn’t expect to get such “present” as defeat. This was very disappointing.

- How difficult was it to play the first game after quarantine against Shakhtar?

- We didn’t have a choice. We didn’t manage to use all our chances, while Shakhtar did. Anyway we all did our best on the field.

- Have Dynamo reached the fitness peak after quarantine?

- Two and a half months without training process and without football is too much time. Of course not a single team can demonstrate its best play under such circumstances. I’m sure we’ll do better soon. I believe in my team.

- Could you please comment upon goals Dynamo conceded?

- I haven’t watched and analyzed those episodes yet. But I’m sure there are no shots impossible to parry. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to save the team.