• 10 jan
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Fran Sol: “We aim to get ready for second part of the season”

FC Dynamo Kyiv forward Fran Sol has told about his vacation and preparations for the second part of the season.

- How’re you doing, Fran? How was your vacation?

- It was great! I was in Madrid with my family and friends. I’ve had a great time.

- How did you celebrate the New Year and Christmas?

- My whole family came to my place in Madrid. It was the first time we celebrated together as in Spain and Netherlands I didn’t have winter vacation. Besides, my son had his Birthday on December 21. We combined it with baptizing and had a big party.

- Dynamo have had the first training session today. What did you work on?

- We’ve started reconditioning. We aim to get ready for second part of the season.

- What goals do you set for yourself in 2020?

- In terms of personal life, the year 2019 was great for me and my family, but in terms of football it was horrible as I had two injuries and missed a lot of games. The major task for the new year is to get better and to help Dynamo succeed.

- What are your expectations of the second part of the season?

- First of all we must get ready properly. The task is to win the Ukrainian Cup and to finish as high as possible in the UPL table. In August we’ll fight for the place in the Champions League.