• 23 march
  • 16:37

FC Dynamo Kyiv purchase equipment for Kyiv city clinical hospital

One of these days representatives of Kyiv city clinical hospital #9 addressed to our club asking to purchase expensive medical equipment that the hospital desperately needs nowadays. The club immediately ordered and paid for the equipment. On March 24 the hospital will get it.

The chief doctor of the Kyiv city clinical hospital #9 Mykhailo Valiuk has told how important this equipment is:
“FC Dynamo Kyiv have purchased a complete set of modern automatic biochemical analyzer for our hospital. This equipment is extremely vital, especially nowadays, considering the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is basically a machine that produces all the necessary data on the grounds of biochemical blood test. It has a wide range of tests. Having such equipment it doesn’t take a doctor too much time to examine a patient.

This is serious and expensive equipment the hospital couldn’t afford. So, on behalf of doctors and patients I’d like to thank FC Dynamo Kyiv. I wish your team success”.


FC Dynamo Kyiv never stand aside when someone’s in need. The club has numerous social activities outside the football field.

Today our Ukraine is trying to resist global threat – COVID-19 virus pandemic. FC Dynamo Kyiv are ready to do whatever it takes to help the country.