Olexiy Mykhailychenko: “They don’t forgive us mistakes while we forgive a lot”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach answered media questions after the White-Blues last game of the season against FC Lugano (1:1).

- Whose fault is this and what do you need to do now?

- It’s everyone’s fault. Mine first of all, because I’m responsible for the result. Analyzing our euro cups campaign, I can say that there were good games, but we’ve made a lot of mistakes.

I can’t say we didn’t deserve to win but we concede and then can’t score. That’s the problem we must deal with.

- What’s the reason for Dynamo recent failures? Have you already talked to the president of the club?

- I haven’t yet. Our recent results make a serious problem. Still, if we compare this game with the match against FC Zoria Luhansk, today the situation was different. That failure was a complete failure while today we just didn’t manage to convert our chances into goals. They don’t forgive us mistakes while we forgive a lot.