Olexandr KHATSKEVYCH: “Final score is above all”

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexandr Khatskevych has told about the home win against Olympiacos FC.

- Tough game, but what really matters is that we’ve won. We switched from defense to attack really well in some episodes. The second half wasn’t so good for us, but Boiko played very confidently. We didn’t use a lot of chances, but the only goal has taken us to the next stage.

- Was this goal spontaneous or maybe you practice such attacks?

- We scored similar goal in Greece. We ask players to put more crosses to the near post. Well, Mykolenko did and Sol hit the target.

- After the first leg specialists praised Dynamo for good physical conditions. Today you did worse in the second half…

- It was our second official game. There’s certain physical and psychological pressure. Sill generally I’m satisfied with our fitness.

- Is current Dynamo team better than the one you had last year at this stage?

- That team was more experienced while this one has more juvenile eagerness. There’s no use comparing them.

- They have high hopes for Fran Sol. Who should he look up to, in your opinion, to succeed?

- Dynamo had many great forward, Ballon d’Or winners. First of all he should be Fran Sol.

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